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US-7272032-B2: Semiconductor integrated circuit device and magnetic memory device capable of maintaining data integrity patent, US-7282886-B1: Method and system for controlling permanent magnet motor drive systems patent, US-7451197-B2: Method, system, and article of manufacture for network protocols patent, US-7712611-B2: Apparatus for controlling the separation of particulate material patent, US-7747350-B2: Robot, hint output device, robot control system, robot control method, robot control program, and integrated circuit patent, US-7751851-B2: Method for managing schedule in mobile communication terminal patent, US-7764434-B2: Weapon sight patent, US-7934587-B2: Injection moulded part, energy absorbing assembly with spacer, and method for making such an assembly patent, US-8046647-B2: TAP sampling at double rate patent, US-8075824-B2: Polyimide film made of multicomponent polyimide and process of producing the same patent, US-8228442-B2: Tuner selection in digital broadcasting receiver having multiple tuners patent, US-8325606-B2: Wireless transmission apparatus, wireless reception apparatus, and transmission method patent, US-8376475-B2: Device for supplying pressure to an actuation unit of a motor vehicle brake system and method for controlling said device patent, US-8544308-B2: Roll stand patent, US-8545528-B2: Multiple frequency phacoemulsification needle driver patent, US-6756000-B2: Process of making multifilament yarn patent, US-6757742-B1: Computer-based system for validating hash-based table lookup schemes in a network switch patent, US-6790900-B2: Treatment agent for hydrophilicity and method for preparing thereof patent, US-6843965-B2: Air freshener sports figure fan for air vents patent, US-6919397-B2: Two-component polysulphide adhesive/sealant patent, US-6981231-B2: System and method to reduce leakage power in an electronic device patent, US-7166376-B2: Magnetic recording medium including a high-magnetostriction layer and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus patent, US-7201264-B2: Torque transfer mechanisms for power-operated clutch actuator patent, US-7216402-B2: Door handle system patent, US-7332080-B1: Apparatus for salt free water softening patent, US-7385880-B2: Grease composition for precision equipment and timepiece containing the same patent, US-7520004-B2: Combined cushion and protective cover and methods of forming patent, US-7616353-B2: Image reading unit and image forming apparatus comprising the same patent, US-7866014-B2: Casket with hidden hinge providing position adjustment of cap on shell patent, US-8189517-B2: Broadcast/multicast data in a wireless network patent, US-8226133-B2: Bumper attachment device patent, US-8226235-B2: Method and apparatus for determining dynamic deformation characteristics of an object patent, US-8364166-B2: System and method of position location transfer patent, US-8517233-B2: Assistant surgical device patent, US-6889497-B2: Method and controller for operating a nitrogen oxide (NOx) storage catalyst patent, US-7010826-B2: Substrate cleaning tool and substrate cleaning apparatus patent, US-7460469-B2: Fast rerouting of traffic in a circuit switched mesh network patent, US-7836925-B2: Pneumatic tire having wearing region sandwiched by first and second sipes patent, US-7878467-B2: Suction cup structure patent, US-7931720-B2: Water separator for a steam turbine plant patent, US-7932774-B2: Structure for intrinsic RC power distribution for noise filtering of analog supplies patent, US-7969838-B2: Optical disk apparatus patent, US-8021458-B2: Production of ferro-alloys patent, US-8114673-B2: Sensor for oxidising agents patent, US-8247133-B2: Fuel cell patent, US-8307697-B2: Method for estimating viscosity patent, US-8359375-B2: Migration of data between computers patent, US-8399299-B2: Cavity structure comprising an adhesion interface composed of getter material patent, US-8454820-B2: Electrochemical molecular recognition probes patent, US-8485798-B2: Pump apparatus, systems and methods patent, US-8519219-B2: Plants and seeds of hybrid corn variety CH283291 patent, US-7006950-B1: Statistical modeling and performance characterization of a real-time dual camera surveillance system patent, US-7010023-B1: Path search circuit for simultaneously performing antenna directivity control and path search patent, US-7223812-B2: Impact-modified polymer composition patent, US-7260436-B2: Implantable networked neural system patent, US-7267205-B2: Apparatus for actuating a bicycle hub brake patent, US-7352006-B2: Light emitting diodes exhibiting both high reflectivity and high light extraction patent, US-7376070-B2: Optical information recording medium and method for manufacturing the medium patent, US-7378968-B2: Detecting the position of an RFID attached asset patent, US-7381619-B2: Dual work-function metal gates patent, US-7446569-B2: Line driving circuit of semiconductor device patent, US-7463288-B2: Camera capable of generating a plurality of images while changing image processing patent, US-7501868-B2: Power supply voltage control apparatus patent, US-7709063-B2: Remote plasma apparatus for processing substrate with two types of gases patent, US-7755933-B2: Spin transfer MRAM device with separated CCP assisted writing patent, US-8483772-B2: Inconspicuous mode for mobile devices patent, US-8496467-B2: Process and device for producing hollow bodies patent, US-6856091-B2: Seal for ceramic metal halide discharge lamp chamber patent, US-6956000-B2: Panel glass for cathode ray tube patent, US-7035585-B2: System and method for interfacing satellite communications with aircraft patent, US-7314732-B2: Drug and manufacturing method of same patent, US-7325182-B2: Method and circuit arrangement for testing electrical modules patent, US-7398954-B2: Remote-coupled faucet adapter patent, US-7510605-B2: Dye ink, ink jet recording method, ink sheet, color toner and color filter patent, US-7523670-B2: Sensor element for detecting a physical measuring variable between bodies exposed to high tribological strain patent, US-7718030-B2: Method and system for controlling radical distribution patent, US-7966702-B2: EA member, and clip and structure for securing the same patent, US-7976923-B2: Fastening assembly and cushion having fastening assembly patent, US-8011622-B1: Pouring device patent, US-8060350-B2: Method of performing computational aeroelastic analyses patent, US-8137476-B2: Secondary reaction quench device and method of use patent, US-8220625-B2: Container for carrying diaper changing items patent, US-6908557-B2: Collection system for chromatographic system patent, US-7577914-B1: Automatically sized computer-generated workspaces patent, US-7580672-B2: Synthetic path diversity repeater patent, US-7679027-B2: Soft x-ray laser based on z-pinch compression of rotating plasma patent, US-7770176-B2: Multiprocessor computer and program patent, US-7838156-B2: Thickener for alkaline battery and alkaline battery patent, US-7964877-B2: Polarized semiconductor light emitting device with light guiding portions formed within patent, US-5740530-A: Rapid received signal strength indication patent, US-8030834-B2: Flat display device, plasma device panel and field emission containing phosphor coated with a heat-resistant material patent, US-8063361-B2: Ion mobility based separation methods and apparatus patent, US-8136144-B2: Apparatus and method for controlling communication through firewall, and computer program product patent, US-8444107-B2: Wrist joint for positioning a test head patent, US-6766157-B1: Reducing LO leakage in a direct conversion receiver quadrature stage patent, US-7042850-B2: Focused link state advertisements patent, US-7457117-B2: System for controlling the temperature of electronic devices patent, US-7501720-B2: Selector circuit for power management in multiple battery systems patent, US-7854508-B2: Plastic lens and manufacturing method of plastic lens patent, US-7946013-B2: Jig for driving closing cap for bolt installation hole patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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